Water Damage Restoration

Accurate Hardwood Flooring understands there are many reasons floors need to be repaired, the majority of the homes we visit had or have floor damage. From leaky roofs to overwatered plant pots, we have encountered many reasons for floor damage.

Cupped, chipped wood, gouged, or missing pieces, Accurate Hardwood Flooring can repair your floor. We replace the damaged hardwood with the same material and style that was previously there. After sanding, the entire floor will appear original, you wouldn’t even know there were any repairs.

damaged floor in wilson nc

Common Mistakes

We have seen many of the same mistakes when we visit homes, the most common is using a different flooring grade than was previously there. Using a NO.2 grade with a select grade to install a border will stand out once the floor has been repaired.

Using different milling will also be very noticeable after a repair. There are three different millings which are:

  • Plain Sawn
  • Quarter Sawn
  • Rift Sawm

The three millings look very different from each other so mixing them up during repairs will be very noticeable.

accurate hardwood flooring wilson nc
white oak floor

Amature hardwood floor installers have a reputation for mixing red oak and white oak floors. Before installing a new hardwood floor, they can appear very similar. However, after the finish has been applied the difference will stick out like a sore thumb.

If you have damage to your flooring that you would like repaired give us a call or send us a message. Accurate Hardwood Flooring will contact you for an in-home quote. We will take a look at the section of the floor, to see what is needed for the repair.