Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Sometimes floors will lose their color and may acquire scratches and dents over time.

Professional sanding and refinishing in Wilson, NC can be performed by Accurate Hardwood Flooring. We will first determine the type of floor you currently have to take the appropriate steps to Perform a successful sanding and refinish.

Also, we will discuss with you whether recoating or refinishing will be a better option depending on your budget and expectations. 

scratched floor in wilson nc

Floor Preparations

Before Accurate Hardwood Flooring can begin sanding and refinishing your floor all furniture and appliances must be removed before work can begin.

 We will remove any doors, protruding nails, or anything that may damage equipment or halt progress. Preparation gives the sanding and refinishing service a 95% success rate, therefore it is important not to rush into sanding and refinishing.

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Accurate Hardwood Flooring

Some floors may be unrepairable and may need a new floor installed, most floors can be refinished 5 times before they need to be replaced. Accurate Hardwood flooring’s team will inform you of all the information needed to update your floor.

Schedule an appointment with us or give us a call and our friendly staff to help you with any questions you may have. We are also here to help if you need any tips on keeping your floor looking great all on your own!