Border Floor Design

Accurate Hardwood Flooring has the knowledge and skill to install hardwood flooring borders. Borders give your hardwood floor a more modern look and curb appeal.
Borders usually consist of 8 to 10 inches of the same material running along the wall and are used to highlight specific areas of a room. Borders are also great for separating rooms with different flooring. It allows the floor to transition between designs, making everything look intended.

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The simplest borders can give the room a completely different look, transforming an entire room. Borders have many different styles from traditional styles such as oak and ash, to more contemporary styles such as Brazilian Tigerwood and African Sapele. Accurate Hardwood Flooring will help you choose the best style and durability for your home.

Preparing for Borders

Preparing your home to have borders installed is very important to sustain a long-lasting floor. All furniture and items need to be removed away from walls where the borders will be installed.

Accurate Hardwood Flooring will ensure that your subfloor is in good condition to prevent any cracks or squeaks in the floor years later. Repairs frequently need to be made near walls from water damage and old dust and dirt. The majority of all floor installation failures are due to poor preparations, a lack of experience, and rushing a job to get it done. 

Accurate Hardwood Flooring does not believe in cutting corners, we will inform you of any repairs needed that could cause future failures in your flooring. Contact us or give us a call today to schedule an in-home quote for new hardwood floor borders!